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Welcome Roo Alumni to the Home Page.
On this site you will find each school year's class pictures (as I get the books to scan) and many of the different sports and clubs people belonged to.
It is seperated by decades and we will be adding additional decades as we move along with this project.
Included is a link for Reunions... this will be the place to find any information in upcoming gatherings.
You will find a History page, as well, to see how KHS began and progressed
There is also a link, above, to take you back to the site that will allow you to build your own profile page.
Thanks go to the following people for their help and use of their year books.
Petra (Benton) Holland '80
(Wuerzburg American High School)
 Randy Robinson '69
A special thank you goes to Randy, he made me my first zerox copy of the 1969 year book, he was the start to all of this
 Barbara Weiss  '64
She just left me a note that she was willing to send me 35year books to scan. Not only did she do her time at KHS as a student but went back as a teacher from 1974 until 2002, collecting year books all along. 03/09
 Brenda (Wolf) Brown '71
She sent me the first set of year books to scan
 Daniel Hill '68
Margaret Simmons  '66
Cathy (Arnold) Sandage '69
Mary Jo Burton  '61
 Darlene (Gallaway) Heun  '65 
Nancy Farris  '72 
Sandy (Gann) Franklin  '73 
Ron Gann   '71 
Mrs. Verna Wolf   
Gene '52 & Phynetta '54 Horton 
Gail (Himes) Young '75 
Sharra (Ware) Polk  '75 
Tom Messer  '67 
Debbie (Driver) Sutton  '75 
Kenron Ritchie  '67 
Bet ( Barrows ) Grant '61
I hope to be adding many names to this list, I am sure many of you will help me find the books and people that will make this site work for all  KHS  Alumni.



            Welcome, Alumni, to the
Killeen High School Year Book Class Pictures Web Site.
Above are the links to each decade of year book class pictures. There is also a button to take you back to the .Ning Social Network site, you just came from, there on the left.
  Be sure to go back there and set up your profile,
if you haven't already done so. 
It will be used as the place for all to go and find other KHS Alumni, as a chat room, to leave messages, post personal pictures etc. 
Come one and all, join in and let's enjoy finding others from the past and even to make new friends.
We all did roam those same crowded hallways, between classes, and took our lives into our own hands...
Just remember, inside every older person is a younger person wondering,  "What the heck happened?!?!"

You are now just a click away from going back in time and seeing what all your classmates looked like back in the days of our teen years.  Just click on the decade you went to KHS and then pick the class years you wish to visit.  You will be redirected to flickr, click on the year book and all you class pictures will come up. You have several choices, you will see the year  ex 1969 under it you can click on Thumbnails or Details, I suggest you click on details, it will bring up the pictures larger. Enjoy..
Turn on your speakers and enjoy the music of that decade during your walk down memory lane.
If there are any songs that help you remember the good old days, and you would like me to add them, just give the song name to me and I will try to download them. My e-mail link is at the bottom of each page.

On these pages you will find all Class Pictures from each year book.  There will also be "some" of the different Sports and Clubs people either played on or belonged to...
A very special Thank You to Petra (Benton) Holland  '80 of Wuerzburg American High School.  She is my web master and a great friend.  Together we are at the finishing phase of completing a similar project for the school she and  I attended in Germany.  It contains all 54 yearbooks. (The school closed this last June 08 after 54 years).
You can check that web site out also:

Click the Wolf

It will give you the idea how this one will look and how it works after we get more Pictures on it.

I will be posting year book class pictures as quickly as I can find the different yearbooks to scan.
If you have any of the year books not posted please contact me so I can arrange getting them and scanning them to this site.
Check back often to see if your class has been added.
The year books have been graciously donated, albeit temporarily, by KHS Alumni.


If there are any songs or artists that helps bring those special days back to you, please send me a message and I will try to find it and download it.  It really helps bring back the memories, when looking through your yearbooks, while the music for that time period is playing in the background.
Thanks to all of you for supporting this project.
It would not be possible without the help of each of you..........

E-mail Debbie Driver Hayhurst

Thanks for dropping by,  please sign the guest book
and leave any comments you may have....


This site was built and is maintained by Petra (Benton) Holland
Proud Air Force Brat and 1980 graduate of Würzburg American High School
Leighton Barracks, Germany